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Abstract painting by Carlos Davila Rinaldi, shapes in blue, white, yellow, pink, and orange.

Summer Series

July 19 | August 23 | October 4 | OCTOBER 11 | oCTOBER 18

2PM—3:30PM EDT

Piña Coladas,
from home

Something special this year, we present the GIA Summer Series! This virtual track of the conference offers an opportunity to participate in sessions if travel isn’t possible for you. Each session will take a deep dive into different focus areas (check out the details below). Join us for just the Summer Sessions or register for the full conference and get access to the Summer Series included! 


Wed Jul 19

Wed Aug 23

WED Oct 04



All sessions take place 2:00pm—3:30pm EDT. 

Join us for just the Summer Sessions or register for the full conference and get access to the Summer Series included!

WED JULY 19 | 2pm EDT

Learning from Puerto Rican Artists Directly

Whippoorwill Arts | Fabiola Mendez | Precious Perez | Pura Fé | Tiara Mir

What are the historical, cultural, racial/ethnic, ability, and class structures that inform the experiences and livelihoods of working Puerto Rican musicians, both in Puerto Rico and the US mainland? Whippoorwill Arts presents Pura Fé, Fabiola Mendez, and Precious Perez in conversation to honor the living Taino roots of the land, trace opportunities and challenges for artists living in the archipelago, and protect and materially empower artists to tell their own stories. These explorations will be woven through music, witnessing the migration of rhythms and evolving folk traditions.

WED August 23 | 2pm EDT

No art without artists...but where is the funding?

Mollie Flanagan, Rhode Island State Council on the Arts

In a post-WPA and culture wars U.S., public funding for the arts has dwindled to a trickle. How do we get it back? Can we get it back? What are we missing when we fund only nonprofits and not artists? How can public funders work together to build national support for funding artists? Join a group of funders and artists to discuss barriers to spending government funds supporting artists, the ways artists contribute directly to solutions around major public policy problems, and brainstorm ways to work together nationally. 

WED October 04 | 2pm EDT

Community Well-being: Supporting Artists Beyond Museum Walls

Bahia Ramos | Marianne Ramirez Aponte | MAC en el Barrio artist and community partners

Museo de Arte Contemporaneo (MAC) is the only museum in Puerto Rico founded by and for artists and members of the cultural community, urged by the need to create an alternate model for presenting contemporary art and its issues. Today, MAC's museum-artists partnerships are a model for supporting community, artists, and organizational well-being beyond the museum’s walls and balance sheets. We'll learn how MAC works to regenerate the arts ecosystem in Puerto Rico: from providing full-care support to artists and communities, preserving and protecting community assets, to building a cultural workforce, and advocating for equitable rights.

WED OCTOBER 11 | 2PM edt

Funding, For the Culture:

A Just Transition Investing Approach to Supporting our Movements

Justice Funders | Roanhorse Consulting

East Bay Permanent Real Estate Cooperative | Kataly Foundation

In 2020, philanthropic institutions in the U.S contributed over 13 times the amount of money to extractive global stock markets as they did to all of their grantmaking focus areas. Leveraging dollars beyond grantmaking capital will help transform our current ecosystem by divesting from Wall Street and into Main Street. Investing in culture centers how communities express themselves in their daily lives, many of whom are experimenting with new economic models, yet continue to be underfunded. Learn how a Just Transition Investing lens can support creative placemaking/placekeeping work on the ground and fund other cultural work. 

WED OCTOBER 18 | 2PM edt

race, ethnicity,  culture:

understanding puerto rican identities in local context

Dr. Marta Moreno Vega | Olga Chapman-Rivera | Maricruz | Celso Gonzalez

Founded by Dr. Marta Moreno Vega, professor, curator and ex director of the Museo del Barrio in New York and the sociologist Maricruz Rivera Clemente in Loíza, Puerto Rico, Corredor Afro creates innovative, intersectional, and multisectoral networks that unite creative entities, communities, researchers, and academics with educational and community-based institutions in order to develop comprehensive projects with community, local and international impact.

Summer Series
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